Friday, December 21, 2007

New MS 3

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I don't suppose it is worth calling it a quiz anymore, but there are certainly things here to discuss.


  1. eklektos or uios? any takes on which one?-)

  2. Fun games for between semesters :)

    The top is 1.42-44.
    The bottom looks like Jn 1.25-29.

  3. Looks like UIOS for 1.34 (bottom line of the lower picture). [some legibility problems with that piece]

  4. The lower photo has material from 1.25-28 (from v25: PROFHTHS; from v28: EGENETO); and from v33-34 (from v33:EF O/N/ and from v34: O UIOS).

  5. Based on that page I would suggest that we have 16 lines missing between the two pieces (c. 430 letters cf. observable average line length of 26.7 letters). This gives a page of 27 lines and a text block of c. 42-3 cm in height (plus margins of c 2cm [slightly more than is extant here]). This makes quite a large page of 46-47 cm in height.

    As for width: that is more tricky. Taking the extant material in the top six lines I calculate 39 letters in 12.3 cm overall; hence c 3 letters per cm. Hence the average line length of 26.7 letters means a width of 9cm.

    Ah. So something interesting is happening here. This would suggest a text block of 42 cm x 9cm. That seems a little unusual. And probably unusual enough to ponder whether this would more likely have two columns per page.

  6. Woops. OK, I made a miscalculation in comment 5! Each line of text (this works for both sides) takes up c. 0.63 cm. On this basis the text block would be around 17cm x 9cm. That gives a page size of around 21 cm x 13 cm. Pretty normal. No need for two columns.