Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harvard Papyri Online

The Houghton Library at Harvard have begun putting digital images of their papyri online (front page here). (HT PapyL also What's New in Papyrology?)
They haven't finished yet, but there are two of interest to NT scholars (and two more to come):

P10 (Rom 1.1-7; POxy 209 = Harvard MS Gr SM2218)

Gospel of Thomas (POxy 655 = Harvard MS Gr SM4367)

071 (Matt 1.21-24; 1.25-2.2; POxy 401 = Harvard MS Gr SM3735)
P9 (1 John 4.11-12, 14-17; POxy 402 = Harvard MS Gr SM3736)


JD said...

Why aren't they working with APIS?

Peter M. Head said...

That is a good question, but I have no idea of the answer.