Saturday, July 09, 2022

Video Interviews with Text Critics


Dwayne Green is a pastor up in Canada who’s been putting out a steady stream of video interviews on textual criticism and Bible translation lately. As a pastor, he’s especially interested in theology and methodology and likes the KJV himself but isn’t KJV-only. He seems genuinely open to views he doesn’t hold and has a lighthearted style about his videos. He’s been nothing but a nice chap in all my interactions with him. So far he’s interviewed Hixson and myself, Dirk Jongkind, Maurice Robinson, Mark Ward, Timothy Berg, Jeff Riddle, James Snapp, and several others. Go check out his YouTube channel. I especially recommend the most recent one with Maurice Robinson if you’ve ever wondered who the Pierpont in Robinson-Pierpont was.


  1. As always with Dr. R., I learned new information about Byzantine Priority TC!
    I am an Alexandrian Priority guy, but can appreciate his passion for documentary evidence and his great knowledge.

  2. What a surprise! Thank you for your recognition, appreciate the kind words and the time everyone has invested in my interviews!

  3. It's a channel well worth following. Dwayne puts out some great interviews!

    1. Thanks Will! I appreciate the endorsement!

  4. Dwayne does some great interviews with a disarming and pleasant style. I don't always agree with Dwayne or his guests, but I always get something out of them. I especially enjoyed the recent Robinson interview.