Thursday, January 06, 2022

Seminar on the ending of Mark


Tyndale House New Testament Seminar Livestream

Dr Mina Monier | Wednesday 12 January 2022, 13:00-14:00

Dr Monier will be presenting a paper on the MARK16 Virtual Research Environment and the ending of the Gospel of Mark.

Livestream link: More information about the MARK16 project:


  1. Awesome! Looking forward to it.

  2. Peter Gurry,
    Looking forward to it.
    Is there anything new to report other than that the number of Greek witnesses to the Shorter Ending (between v. 8 and v. 9, or (in 274) in the lower margin) has been increased from six to eight?
    Will Dan Wallace, Craig Evans, Philip Wesley Comfort, N.T. Wright, Larry Richards, Darrell Bock, Ben Witherington III, etc., appear as guests, and make public retractions of the misinformation they have spread about Mark 16:9-20?

    Will someone from Crossway be present to explain their reasons for describing Codex W as "at least one manuscript" instead of "one manuscript"?
    And will someone from Tyndale House Publishers be present to explain why the NLT's footnote refers to "various endings" instead of two endings? In any generation in which misinformation - i.e., false claims - is tolerated and rewarded, the impact of research will be minimal.

    1. I think you mean Peter WILLIAMS, who wrote this post.

    2. Is that the sound of an ax I hear grinding?

    3. Alexander Thomson1/07/2022 4:15 pm

      Perhaps it is the sound of the sharp axe of truth, cutting down the tree of bad criticism.

    4. James,
      Logically, "one manuscript" _is_ "at least one manuscript", i.e., not less than.

    5. Pardes,
      Of course, but seldom does one describe one person as "at least one person," right?. And in the case of the ESV, "at least one person" was a half-measure after earlier editions has a footnote that said, "A few manuscripts insert additional material after verse 14," which is simply false; Codex W is the only one. After I contacted some folks with influence upon the ESV, the note was changed - but my question remains, Why not be as accurate as possible, when it is easy, rather than blurring the evidence with the wording that now appears in the ESV's footnote (not only the "Some" and "Others," but that "at least one," when it would have been easier, more logical, and more concise to simply write "One.").

    6. Yes, my apologies; I should have said "Peter Williams."

    7. Why is it so hard for people to get the facts straight on this passage? Sincere question.

  3. 13:00? Is this GMT or EST or another time zone? Just asking.

  4. Re time: 12 January 2022, 2pm CET time (1pm UK time): Lecture by Mina Monier on MARK16 at Tyndale House, Cambridge, partners of MARK16. In presence and online. The session will be live streamed on


  5. Will it be recorded? It's on at midnight Sydney time.

  6. (I got distracted and missed it. Will it be posted somewhere?)