Tuesday, December 07, 2021

CSNTM 2022 Text & Manuscript Conference


Readers may have heard that CSNTM is hosting its inaugural Text & Manuscript Conference May 19-20, 2022. The theme is Pen, Print, & Pixels and will feature plenary presentations throughout each day with optional breakout sessions. Full schedule and registration are at conference.csntm.org.

Plenary Speakers

  • Hugh Houghton, “The Importance of Catena Manuscripts of the Greek New Testament”
  • Dirk Jongkind, “On Singular Readings and Knowing When the Time Has Come for Better Tools”
  • Jan Krans, “New Testament Conjectural Emendation: Folly or Duty?”
  • Holger Strutwolf, “The ECM of Mark: Philology in the Digital Era”
  • Kathleen Maxwell, “From the Coronis to the Blütenblattstil: The Decoration of the Greek Gospel Book”


  • Juan Hernández, “The Significance of the Corrections of the Apocalypse in Codex Sinaiticus”
  • Timothy Mitchell, “Exposing Textual Corruption in the Wider Circulation of the New Testament Writings During the Greco-Roman Era”
  • Peter Montoro, “Two Way Traffic on the Transmissional Highway? Considering Chrysostom’s Exegesis as an Explanation for the Reading of GA 104 in Romans 2:26”
  • Ryan Giffin, “Philippians in P46: Interesting Departures from the Standard Critical Text”
  • Craig Evans, “How Long did the NT Autographs Survive? A Review of the Evidence”
  • Christian Askeland, “Digital Images, Ancient Manuscripts, and Intellectual Property”
  • Jeremiah Coogan, “Marginal Matthew: τὸ ἰουδαϊκόν in Medieval Manuscripts and Modern Editions”
  • Edgar Ebojo, “‘Now the end is near’: Pen and Phenomena at the Line-ends of P46”
  • Keith Elliott, “The Editio Critica Maior of Mark: Translation from German into English”
  • William Warren, “From Ink to Exegesis: The Importance of Non-original Variant Readings”
  • Grant Edwards, “Between Codex and Colophon: Ancient Book Format and the Limitations of Paleography”
  • James Prothro, “A Theology of Textual Criticism? Searching for a Framework”
  • Georgi Parpulov, “Levels of Style in Byzantine Calligraphy”
  • Peter Gurry, “Textual Criticism in Early Protestant Bibles”


  1. I can't guarantee my attendance. But that is the best text-critical line-up I've seen anywhere, ever.

  2. Good for you for thinking the time is right for offering a conference such as this. Last month my next door neighbour died of Covid, reminding me at least, that it’s still possible to be dead wrong.
    Blessings All

    1. The conference was planned a long time ago, and hopefully the situation will improve by May, but I am sure there proper safety measures will be put in place and if the situation is really bad, I guess it can always be cancelled (or held virtually).

  3. Yeah, my buddies grandmother died of covid too recently, it was right after she had a fatal heart attack.

  4. I should be able to fit it into my schedule.