Friday, September 03, 2021

Codex 28 at Mark 1:1


Here is an image of Codex 28 at Mark 1:1 that came to my attention tonight via the new ECM. It seems to be a witness both to the shorter reading and to the fact that nomina sacra are easily skipped—even when only one letter is shared. I suspect Peter (Head) and Tommy remember this manuscript.


  1. Is there any other place in the NT where υς θυ is scribally added to ις and/or χς? I'm aware that in many places additions occur with some or all of the words ις χς κς ημων, but it doesn't seem like the "expansions of the divine name are common" argument takes account of how the divine name is usually expanded.

    1. Per Tommy Wasserman: “Contrary to what has been claimed, however, there is no example of the addition of the phrase in other passages in the manuscript tradition that can offer an adequate analogy. It is true that divine titles in general were sometimes expanded. However, this tendency is balanced in Mark 1:1 by the opposite demonstrable tendency to omit nomina sacra due to homoioteleuton in this and other passages, including several other book openings.”

    2. Thanks very much Peter(s).