Saturday, August 07, 2021

The end of the 50km walk in the Olympics


It is a sad day for me, given my own long-term involvement in the sport of walking, to have to report that there won’t be any more 50km walks in the Olympics. Obviously we leave it with great memories, and it is great to see the media acknowledging Jesus for his history in the event (see also the BBC report here).

I’d like to request some privacy for me and my family as I’ll be taking some time to think through my own future sporting options.


  1. Re-reading those original posts, i'm still not sure whats more unbelievable: that I completely fell for it and totally thought "holy cow, peter head is going to the olympics!" , or that the sorry bloke dave mcgovern also fell for it and totally thought "holy cow! I'm so offended!"

  2. Two days left on this ebay listing, where you could purchase for $2,000 a page from a Greek manuscript showing Matthew 26:14-15, surrounded by commentary.

  3. It’s a shame the dubious humour tag has so few posts.