Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Book: Reception of the Bible in Byzantium


 This new book Receptions of the Bible in Byzantium: Texts, Manuscripts, and their Readers is available free on open access (HT: Dan Batovici on Twitter). It has over twenty essays under the broad headings of:

Politics of Interpretation


Rewritten Bible

Visual Exegesis

Technical Exegesis

It has interesting essays on a very wide range of topics, including (things I thought were interesting) on Julian the Apostate as Biblical Literalist, Armenian colophons, dating of Gospel manuscripts, illustrations used in Greek gospel books, Arabic Gospel books, classifying Catena manuscripts of Galatians, annotations in Codex Marchalianus, etc. It also has some lovely photos. Check it out.


  1. My friend and colleague Barbara Crostini, Uppsala University, is one of the editors of the anthology, and the series is Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Very nice that it is open access.

  2. Agreed, Tommy: wish there were more open-access stuff like this! Have found especially illuminating the discussion by Kathleen Maxwell on the dating of the Gospel of Dionysus (GA 420) and the art-historical analysis.