Thursday, October 29, 2020

Come Study OT Textual Criticism in the Desert


ETC readers may know that Dr. Meade and I direct the recently-founded Text & Canon Institute at Phoenix Seminary. Our mission is to produce academic research and church resources that illuminate the origin of the Bible. We do this through publications, mentoring, academic colloquia, church conferences, and digital resources. 

Today, we are pleased to share that we have made a strategic hire that will help us fulfill that mission. Dr. Peter J. Gentry, whose work needs no introduction here, was already a member of our board of advisors but he will now be joining us as our first Senior Research Fellow. He also been appointed as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Old Testament at the seminary. These positions provide continued teaching opportunity for Dr. Gentry while providing more time for his ongoing research on the text of the Old Testament.

Dr. Gentry will teach courses at both the MDiv and ThM level at Phoenix Seminary. As a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute, he will be especially involved with our TCI Fellows. If you are a student who is interested in a PhD in textual criticism or canon studies or just want to shore up those areas before doing ancillary work, let me encourage you to consider our TCI Fellowship. Applications are open through December 31. Where else can you study with two PJGs?

You can read the official announcement here or watch the video.


  1. It appears that your smartphone has betrayed you a couple of times.

    "...will now be joining us *[as] our first Senior Research Fellow. He he*[has] also been appointed..."

    Sorry for the nitpick Dr. Gurry.

  2. The TCI is really putting together a great research and teaching team. Congratulations

  3. Phoenix Seminary may have just become the premier evangelical school in the world for septuagintal research (apologies to PJ for my terminology).