Friday, February 28, 2020

Mount Athos Repository On-line

The wonderful news has just reached me that over 3,000 digitised manuscripts at Mount Athos have been made available online (at this point only 177 are on parchment) in the Mount Athos Repository.

This is Karakoulis’s announcement (HT Hugh Houghton):
Thanks to the financial support of the European Union, a big part of the cultural heritage of the Holy Mountain of Athos has been digitised. The material includes manuscripts (Byzantine and post-Byzantine), early prints, documents and letters, material culture, photos etc. One should, however, be cautious about the “catalogue” entries: they are often not based on reliable catalogues. Some of the monasteries have undertaken the task of creating new catalogues (often with great success, such as the catalogue of Vatopedi manuscripts by Lamberz).
I hope new digitised manuscripts will be added successively to the repository including the hundreds of Greek New Testament manuscripts which are kept in the libraries of Athos.


  1. This is fantastic news! I am researching a manuscript held by the Great Lavra monastery and I am eagerly hopeful that it will be added before it is time to submit my PhD thesis.

    Athos must the the greatest trove of manuscripts still only available on microfilm.

  2. Is it just my browser or does this new web page not allow one to zoom in very tightly? I seem to get a couple of clicks on the + sign, but no further, leaving the manuscript text still pretty small.


    For the following Greek New Testament manuscripts on parchment, which have already been assigned a GA number, you can see new digital images on the recently published Mount Athos online repository:

  4. The digital images for the manuscript I need (21_01_0010) is available online, however, these are not readable images. You may submit for high-definition images online. However, after several weeks I have had no response. Has anyone had success contacting the repository? Many thanks!