Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Funded Postdoc on Apocrypha at UOslo

Although Coptic flourished during the Roman period in Coptic monasteries and in the broader setting of the early Christian movement, the language did not function as a compositional medium until the sixth century, after which a variety of truly Coptic literature (which survives today both extant and often untranslated) appeared. Hugo Lundhaug‘s Storyworlds in Transition ERC project will engage with this extensive corpus of Coptic Apocrypha as well as earlier texts such as those from the Nag Hammadi discovery. The project is advertising a postdoctoral position with a generous stipend ($60K/year). The position would start 01 Aug 2020.
The postdoc is expected to work in close collaboration with the PI of the APOCRYPHA project to locate and systematically analyze with regard to the material features all Coptic manuscripts containing apocryphal materials, and to study from the perspective of Material Philology the production and transmission of Coptic apocrypha. Material Philology is here understood on the one hand as an approach that takes the fluidity of textual transmission in a manuscript culture fully into consideration, studying its causes, mechanisms, and effects; and on the other it entails an in-depth focus on the material artifacts constituted by the extant manuscripts.


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