Wednesday, November 14, 2018

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Larry Hurtado took a significant break from his blog over the summer due to health issues, so it has been great to see him back in the blogosaddle recently and posting on a number of interesting text-critical issues, including (to select two interesting examples):
Brent Nongbri has also been blogging regularly recently, on the ending of John’s Gospel in P66 and Tertullian, and a load of other interesting issues (including a response to Hurtado’s review which raises some really good points about the use of roll palaeography in dating codices). Brent has also been involved with digitising images of the Bodmer Papyri and writes a helpful guide to the new online catalogue.

Bodmer Papyri Site

There has been a bit of buzz recently around a couple of Reader’s Editions (This seems to be a euphemism for “Lazy Readers’ Editions”). Marketing is gearing up for the SBL market-fest. Firstly, the Tyndale House Edition of the Greek New Testament has been released with some vocab lists at the bottom of each page (for words that occur 25 times or less in this Greek NT) (sadly that means the textual apparatus has been jettisoned). See here and here for details.

Secondly, Will Ross and Greg Lanier have produced a Septuagint Reader’s Edition. This comes in two volumes, with a text that seems to be a copy of Rahlfs’ text, and also has vocab lists at the bottom of each page (every word occurring 100 times or fewer in the LXX as well as other words that occur fewer than 30 times in the Greek New Testament). Check out the Hendrickson blog and also for a design perspective see the Logos blog. Again the vocab lists push out any textual apparatus.

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