Monday, October 22, 2018

New Testament TC Papers at ETS

The Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society is coming up (13–15 November), and the schedule is online here. I did a search for the New Testament TC papers and tried to include them all with the date, time and room designation as of when I put the list together. I’m only listing the papers in each block that I think are relevant to NT TC, which is of course entirely subjective. Asterisks denote presenters who are not currently members of ETS, and I have simply copied them from the program.

Tuesday, 13 November

9:00 AM-12:10 PM Church History: Medieval Era; Tower Building‒Terrace Level Beverly
•9:50 AM–10:30 AM Esther G. Cen (McMaster Divinity College) Hearing the Medieval Byzantine Greek Lectionary MSS

2:00 PM-5:10 PM New Testament: Matthew; Tower Building‒Mezzanine Level Denver
•2:00 PM–2:40 PM B. Ward Powers (Retired) The Consequence of Monte Shanks Research about Papias - & the Evidence Paul Knew Matthew by AD50
•4:30 PM–5:10 PM Charles L. Quarles (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) Matthew 16:2b‒3: New Considerations for a Difficult Textual Question

2:00 PM-5:10 PM Patristic and Medieval History: Blessedness and Grace, Buildings and Manuscripts; Plaza Building—Concourse Level Plaza Court 6
•4:30 PM–5:10 PM William C. Watson (Colorado Christian University) Cumynge of Antecryst: An Early Fifteenth Century Middle-English Gothic Manuscript

2:00 PM-5:10 PM New Testament Greek Language and Exegesis: The Letter to the Romans: Exegesis and Implications; Tower Building‒Majestic Level Vail
•2:50 PM–3:30 PM Daniel B. Wallace (Dallas Theological Seminary) Romans 4:1: Syntax and the New Perspective
•3:40 PM–4:20 PM Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College) Romans 5:1: What a Difference an O Can Make

Wednesday, 14 November

8:30 AM-11:40 AM New Testament Greek Language and Exegesis; Plaza Building‒Concourse Level Governor’s Square 12
•9:20 AM–10:00 AM Chris S. Stevens (McMaster Divinity College) The Orthodox Corruption of Prepositions: Grammar, Theology, or Evangelical Ideology?

3:00 PM-6:10 PM New Testament Canon, Textual Criticism & Apocryphal Literature; Tower Building‒Mezzanine Level Silver
Moderator: Stanley E. Porter (McMaster Divinity College)
•3:00 PM–3:40 PM W. Brian Shelton (Toccoa Falls College) Apostle Stories after the New Testament: Discerning the Legitimacy of the Apocryphal Acts
•3:50 PM–4:30 PM Peter J. Gurry (Phoenix Seminary) A Book ʻWorth Publishingʼ: The Making of Westcott & Hortʼs Monumental Edition of the Greek NT
•4:40 PM–5:20 PM Elijah Hixson (Tyndale House, Cambridge) How the Bible Was Copied in the Sixth Century and Why Singular Readings Donʼt Tell Us That
•5:30 PM–6:10 PM Jonathan C. Borland (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) Inspired Editing or Scribal Corruption? Problems in Determining the Final Form of the NT Canon

Thursday, 15 November

1:00 PM-4:10 PM New Testament Canon, Textual Criticism & Apocryphal Literature: The Holy Spirit; Tower Building‒Majestic Level Vail
Moderator: Michael J. Kruger (Reformed Theological Seminary)
•1:00 PM–1:40 PM Carlton Wynne (Westminster Theological Seminary) Spirit and Word: A ‘Pentecostal’ Case for the Closed Canon of Scripture
•1:50 PM–2:30 PM Maurice Robinson* (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) Absent from the Handbooks? The Role of the Holy Spirit in New Testament Textual Criticism
•2:40 PM–3:20 PM Craig Blomberg (Denver Seminary) The Lack of Canon Consciousness and Spirit-Inspiration in the New Testament Apocrypha
•3:30 PM–4:10 PM John Christopher Thomas* (Pentecostal Theological Seminary/Bangor University) Diverse Voices in One Accord: Toward a Pentecostal Theology of Canon

1:00 PM-4:10 PM New Testament General Studies; Tower Building‒Terrace Level Columbine
•1:50 PM–2:30 PM J. D. Atkins (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) Fitting Gnosis into the Biblical Timeline of Acts: The Apocryphon of James
•3:30 PM–4:10 PM Philip Barton Payne (Linguist’s Software, Inc.) The Significance of the Seventeen Vaticanus Distigme-obelos symbols for NT Textual Criticism

Let me know if I missed any, and I’ll add them in.


  1. Thanks, Elijah! Any chance you guys are going to have another "ETC luncheon" this year?

    1. Thanks, David, I'm glad it's helpful. In the past, the ETC lunch has always been Peter Gurry's doing, and I have already been asking him about that. Maybe if enough of us prod him in that direction, he'll organise something or pass it off to someone else.

    2. Haha, awesome. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Hopefully this week I'll announce the details.

    1. Sounds good, Peter. Looking forward to tagging along again this year...if I'm allowed, that is ;)

  3. I tell you, I'm tempted to make the trip just to hear the latest developments on the distigmai...