Wednesday, February 07, 2018

2018 Septuagint Summer Course: Exploring Septuagint Job

I’ve been getting into the spirit of International Septuagint Day (Feb 8) with recent posts on Symmachus and Greek Job and Modern Editions of the Hexaplaric Fragments. Today, I want to draw attention to a post on Septuaginta &C., where William Ross has posted an announcement for Trinity Western University’s Summer Course on LXX-Job. Dr. Claude Cox of McMaster Divinity College will lead the sessions. Claude is a friend of mine and an expert in Greek Job. On several occasions, we have corresponded over the intricacies of this text, and I can think of no more able guide through this terrain than him. Significantly, TWU plans to live-stream the class sessions for those who live too far away from the campus. The poster below provides the necessary information for those interested in the course. If you can take it, I would.

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