Saturday, January 27, 2018

Maurice Robinson and Chris Keith on 284 and the PA

Over at the Jesus Blog, Chris Keith has posted comments from Maurice Robinson on 284 and the PA. More importantly, Chris Keith has christened him the the “Silver-Haired Assassin,” a perfectly fitting title in my view. Henceforth, I require all blog commentators to address Dr. Robinson by this title! Now, go read the Assassin’s blog post.

Here is the link to the page in 284 under discussion.


  1. Iirc, Dr. Robinson received this moniker before the recent exchange.

  2. That Dr. Kieth could even assume that the scribe of 284 made an omission from an Alexandrian exemplar--never considering the possibility that this is the standard reading in over a thousand manuscripts of John--shows the danger of ascribing such virtue to a printed text as to allow it to function as no less than the original from which all scribal errors inevitably sprang.

  3. The moniker was assigned by Chris Keith at our PA conference several years ago, in response to a particular collation-based response to one of his claims that was sprung on him as a "surprise".

    From that point onward, I have been working with Daniel Craig on a variety of particular undercover matters.

    MAR (The SHA [NYA NYA] dude).