Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Tyndale House Greek New Testament intro video

Crossway has produced a nice video with Pete and Dirk introducing and explaining the new Tyndale House edition of the Greek New Testament.


  1. That's all well and good, but perhaps it would be more informative to start out by saying something like, "We improved the spelling, and put the story about the adulteress in the footnotes, and our apparatus does not have any information about any versional or patristic evidence."

  2. James, this video tells of how we've made a Greek NT. Remember that an apparatus is not an essential part of a GNT, and we don't suggest anywhere that it's a particularly important part of ours.

  3. Leicester Codex! What a wierdo.

  4. Burgon showed that there were some cases where all the major uncials disagreed (he was working with a very similar group to your five).

    Did you document how often this occurred?


    Steven Avery
    Asheville, NC