Thursday, April 27, 2017

Congrats to Mike Holmes on His Retirement!

Thanks to Juan Hernandez, news has reached the interwebs that Mike Holmes is retiring from his position at Bethel University. Mike’s work hardly needs an introduction at this blog so I will instead say how much I have appreciated the time Mike has given to me over the years. I remember him sitting with me for about an hour when I was in grad school to talk about the divorce passages which I was working on for my masters thesis (see photo). Ever since, he has generously given his time to talk to and encourage me along the way. Last year at SBL, Tommy Wasserman and I had a great lunch with Mike and got to hear the story of how he went from rural farm life to accomplished academic life. It was quite a story.

Many congrats, Mike, on your well-deserved retirement. I hope this does not mean we will be seeing less of you in the years to come. Don’t miss the “be like Mike” video shared by Juan Hernandez (HT: Chris Keith).

Michael W. Holmes and Peter J. Gurry
Discussing the divorce passages with ECM in hand.


  1. Congratulations Dr. Holmes and many thanks for your many contributions to the discipline! Perhaps someday you can write your story so all of us can benefit from it. :-)

  2. Quick question, Peter: in the divorce passages, do you see the present aspect of μοιχαται as a one-time act or ongoing offence? And about how many pages did it take you to defend that position?

    1. Daniel, the thesis was on the text of the divorce passages not their theology. But it reached around 100 pages (with a lengthy appendix).