Friday, October 07, 2016

Principles for Revising the KJV

I spent the morning today looking through some of the minutes and papers from the revisers of the English Bible (i.e., the Revised Version). Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the minutes on the New Testament. But I did come across some interesting collateral material. For example, the funding put up by the University of Oxford and Cambridge was £20,000 and they retained the profits from printing. Also, the NT committee, at least from what I saw, took detailed notes for each verse whereas the OT minutes were essentially a record of attendance and a note on the point in the text reached in each meeting. All the meetings opened with prayer. I also didn’t realize that Charles Hodge was on the committee for the American edition.

Here are the general principles for the revision for both the Old and New Testament committees:

From MS Add. 6924


  1. Please keep reading into those NT Committee minutes -- it would be interesting indeed if they include more than merely attendance and portions covered. Especially interesting would be any comments regarding text-critical discussions between Hort and Scrivener.

    1. Yes, it would be very interesting to see Scrivener's agreements and dissent from the RV. Are his papers in any of the Cambridge college libraries?

      Andrew Wilson

  2. So far all I have been able to confirm is that he was not present at the meetings on the Apocrypha.

  3. Maurice, note the reticence Westcott expresses on his responsibility for the text behind the RV: "the text of the Revisers does not represent the peculiarities of my own personal opinion." See here