Thursday, June 09, 2016

Other Text Critical Blogs Worth Noting

Besides the world-famous ETC blog, there are a number of other blogs that cover textual criticism. I’ve added these to the list of Biblioblogs in the sidebar so they should come up there whenever there’s a new post. They’re worth a read.

1. The Textual Mechanic

Thoughts on New Testament Textual Criticism and Early Christian Book Culture

Run by Timothy N. Mitchell who keeps helicopters running by day and moonlights as a text critic. He’s currently working on a PhD with Hugh Houghton via Birmingham on early Christian book culture.

2. Peter Lorenz’s Blog

Peter recently finished a degree at Fuller and has done work on the Latin text of Irenaeus (?) if I remember past SBL meetings. He’s now turning his attention to the text of Codex Bezae in Mark with a PhD via Münster. Keep an eye on his blog for all things Bezae.

3. OTTC: A Blog for Old Testament Textual Criticism

An outlet for research and questions on the textual criticism of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and related issues.

Drew Longacre is no stranger to our ETC comments section. He recently finished his doctoral thesis on “A contextualized approach to the Hebrew Dead Sea Scrolls containing Exodus.” He is now a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki and blogs far too infrequently in my opinion. We want more OTTC, Drew!

4. The Text of the Gospels

A blog about New Testament textual criticism, especially involving variants in the Gospels.

Another blogger who is no stranger to the comments section is James Snapp. He is best known, of course, for his indefatigable efforts to keep us all honest about the evidence for Mark 16.9-20 and John 7.53-8.11. Check out his blog for some good posts on specific manuscripts.

Update: Of course, I should mention the Amsterdam NT Weblog which often has text critical posts. I guess I was thinking of new blogs when I wrote this post.


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Peter!

  2. Thanks for mentioning The Text of the Gospels blog!

  3. Thank you, Peter.

    A few hours behind in time zone perhaps — as I'm still out in Seattle for a couple months — but absolutely not in appreciation for the huge shout out. Yes, I presented on Justin Martyr's use of the Western Text ... or perhaps the reverse, two years ago at SBL. Looking forward to a great conversation on Bezae and its context! And of course many thanks to the ETC blog!!

    -- Peter Lorenz

  4. At first I read the blogpost as "Other Text Critical Blogs Worth Nothing" :-).

  5. :) Thanks for the reference Peter. I'll try to post more, but no promises.