Monday, February 15, 2016

Text Critical Papers at HBU’s 2016 Theology Conference

Mentioned earlier on the blog, HBU’s annual theology conference is happening next weekend. There are lots of text critical papers given this year’s theme of “Erasmus’ Bible and the Impact of Scripture.” If you’re in the area, don’t miss it. What could be better than textual criticism and Texas BBQ?

Here are some of the papers on offer:
  • Timothy George “Erasmus and the Search for the Christian Life”
  • Craig A. Evans “Erasmus and the Beginnings of Textual Fundamentalism”
  • Gregory Barnhill and Natalie Webb – “Tolle Lege: Reader’s Aids and Nomina Sacra in Early Christian Manuscripts”
  • Stanley Helton – “Origen and the Endings of Mark’s Gospel”
  • Jeff Cate – “Martin Luther and the Reliability of the NT Manuscript Tradition”
  • Jeffrey T. Riddle – “John Calvin and Text Criticism”
  • Michael Whiting – “‘A Boy that Driveth the plough Shall Know More of the Scriptures than Thou’: The Perspicuity of Scripture and the Role of Prologues and Marginal Glosses in the Translations of Martin Luther and William Tyndale”
  • Laura Manzo – “The Septuagint’s Function in the Formation of Biblical Canons”
  • John O. Soden – “In Defense of Biblical Humanism for Bible Translation: Erasmus and the Greek”
  • Daniel J. Pfeiffer – “Narrative in the Textual Tradition: An Assessment of Scribal Changes”
  • Stratton L. Ladewig – “New Images Bring Greater Clarity: Examples of Improved Textual Identity CSNTM’s P45 images”
  • Daniel B. Wallace “Erasmus and the Publication of the First Greek New Testament”
  • Herman Selderhuis “The Impact of Erasmus’ Biblical Work on the Reformation”
  • David S. Ritsema – “The Purpose of the Fourth Gospel (John 20:30-31): A Fresh Look at the Implications for Grammatical, Syntactical, and Textual Critical Problems”
  • Robert D. Marcello – “Significant Contributions to the Text of the New Testament and Early Church from the National Library of Greece”

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  1. Well I am intrigued by the title of Stanley Helton's paper -- "Origen and the Endings of Mark’s Gospel." Are these papers to be more than two pages long?