Friday, January 29, 2016

CSNTM Finds More Manuscripts in Athens

Manuscripts: great places
to look for new manuscripts.
Dan Wallace teases us on his blog with a note that he has recently found more uncatalogued NT manuscripts in Athens.
I recently returned from two weeks in Athens, working at the National Library of Greece. My student and former intern, Max Berti, joined me. We discovered a surprising number of New Testament manuscripts. But I’ll have to tell you all about that later. Follow the link to the CSNTM website below, where you’ll see info on several discoveries from 2015.
There’s more detail at the CSNTM blog. Rob Marcello tells me that 10 of the new manuscripts have already been published at and that more will be coming next month.

Before my first trip with CSNTM I remember thinking it was crazy that there could be NT manuscripts just sitting on library shelves that are virtually unknown to NT scholars. Having now seen the size of some of these library collections and understanding that NT scholars are generally busy folks, I now understand better how this can happen.

So good for Dan and his team for continuing to visit libraries and work through their catalogs. Any students out there reading should take note: if you want to find little-known manuscripts, start poking around in big libraries. (It’s best to get permission first, though.)

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