Friday, August 14, 2015

What are the moral qualities of an editor?

In closing his work on the final part of S.P. Tregelles’ Greek New Testament, F.J.A. Hort said the following about Tregelles’ work:
His services to the exact knowledge of the New Testament are already better and more widely understood than they were a few years ago, and cannot fail as time goes on to obtain all due recognition. The moral qualities of his work as an editor, singleness of eye, unflagging care, and the persistence of faithful toil which never relaxed under discouragement, bodily weakness, or any other burden, may be left with equal confidence to sympathetic discernment.
I wonder about these moral qualities (my italics). What are the moral qualities of a good editor? What difference do they make?

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  1. I reckon that close to the top of the list of good moral qualities for compilers is, avoidance of false confidence.