Thursday, February 05, 2015

Greek NT Papyrus Discovered in Birmingham

NEWSFLASH: A Greek New Testament papyrus (amulet) has been discovered in Birmingham!

Read the ITSEE news release.


  1. I wonder when we will get to the place where non-continuous text witnesses get cataloged again? Surely it would aid research and awareness of these witnesses to the NT if we had an official list similar to the GA numbering system.

    1. There is the beginning of a such a list up of manuscripts up to 400 AD at under the manuscript tab. The list is in the drop down menu in the Manuscript box.

    2. It's not like there isn't the occasional exception already in the Liste. P12, for example, aka P. Amherst 3b. Which is written in the margin of P. Amherst 3a, a letter from Crocodilopolis to Rome, which also has 3c, two versions of Gen 1:1-5, cribbed on the verso. But 3b, which has Heb 1:1. gets cited as an "amulet."

    3. Indeed, the list at moved all of the ones that didn't belong in the GA continuous texts (Type 1) to its own Type 2 category.