Friday, November 07, 2014

Green Scholars Initiative, New Director Announced

The Museum of the Bible has announced that ETC blog member, Michael Holmes, has been chosen to lead the Green Scholars Initiative. You can read the full announcement here. The following excerpt details Mike's placement:
Assuming the role of executive director of the Green Scholars Initiative, Holmes will lead a team of researchers and student-scholars at more than 60 universities around the world advancing groundbreaking discoveries on artifacts from the Green Collection. Holmes holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he also taught New Testament, and continues in his role as University Professor of Biblical Studies and Early Christianity at Bethel University. He is a frequent speaker and international lecturer who has authored 11 books on biblical and early Christian writings.
Further information on Michael Holmes may be found on his university webpage, here.  Congratulations, Mike, from all of us on the blog!


  1. So he is now responsible for this 1st CE Mark fragment?


  2. Regarding the purported first century Mark fragment, I have no personal knowledge, and I seriously doubt that any papyrus fragment of the NT survives from the first century. I would be happy to be proven wrong by radiometric dating or some other objective evidence.

    David Trobisch remains the Director of the Green Collection.

  3. Hopefully we will soon have *facts* as to how old papyri they have and what do they contain :)

  4. Some commenter named snelldl posted a comment back in March 2014 on Dan Wallace's web page, and he very strongly affirms that this fragment of Mark does exist:

    Then in May of this year, this came out that again mentioned the existence of the Mark fragment: