Friday, August 23, 2013

“Don’t Do it!”: Peter Head on Academic Blogging

How did Peter Head get involved in this blog? What benefits does he see in blogging? Should more scholars start blogging?

If you want to hear Pete’s take on these issues, read Joshua Mann’s interview with Peter Head – one part of a series of interviews with academic bloggers.

I won’t give anything away, except this final advice Peter gives (in his characteristic way) to an academic who is thinking of starting to blog: Don’t do it. 


  1. Very nice. I was on the fence about academic blogging, but Peter has shown me the light.

  2. This is great advice on blogging.
    On Dr. Head's response to question 3....going outside would mean having to leave my books! :)

  3. Indeed. It's much less time-consuming to follow a blog than to keep one!