Thursday, May 23, 2013

Scrivener 1859

The pursuits of Scriptural criticism are so quiet, so laborious, that they can have few charms for the votary of fame, or the courtier of preferment: they always have been, perhaps they always must be, the choice employment mainly of those, who, feeling conscious (it may be) of having but one talent committed to their keeping, seek nothing so earnestly as TO USE THAT ONE TALENT WELL.


  1. It is a great quote, but it makes me wonder about the context in which he would say it? Was there someone in particular he was thinking of? Was he trying to say that they should stop dabbling in biblical studies and go concentrate on another thing that they might be good at? Or was it the opposite, and he was trying to encourage them to devote themselves wholly to the discipline? Or maybe he was speaking about himself, trying to explain why he had kept his nose in the books and never tried out for the varsity football team?