Monday, September 17, 2012

Peter Rodgers, The Scribes, now on Kindle

The Scribes, A Novel about the Early Church, by Peter Rodgers is now available on Kindle as an ebook. (Updated print version will follow). It is regularly priced at $2.99, but is free for five days (Sept 30 to Oct 4). The book seeks to illustrate the principles and practice of New Testament Textual Criticism through a story about scribes who lived and worked in the late second century. I know of some teachers of New Testamnet who have recommended it for their courses, and one who has required it. The book can be accessed through the Amazon Kindle store.


  1. p.s. the cover depicts a scribe writing a verse that is a favorite subject of debate between Peter Head and Tommy Wasserman. What do you think the scribe wrote next?

  2. a proleptic footnote to Peter's and Tommy's articles