Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Summer Trivia: Mystery Greek New Testament

Given the fact that our own Olympian Peter Head is attending the beach volleyball today, we were under an obligation to force some sort of link.

Recently I bought a number of Greek New Testaments from a downsizing college library. Among them was a very good folio of Mill's 1707 Greek New Testament. However, I also acquired one somewhat older.

On the title page there is a - let's call it remarkable - picture of a scantily clad lady (even in comparison to what's on show at beach volleyball). There can't be that many editions of the GNT with this printer engraving, so let's throw it open ...

From which edition does this picture come from?


  1. Something has gone wrong with your RSS feed - I have seen no updates since June in Google Reader.

  2. Yep, I had the same problem myself. I think it is fixed now.

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  4. A guess:
    Tes Kaines Diathekes hapanta.
    Greek, Ancient [i] + 419 p. ; 5.5".
    Kantabrigia : exetupothe par' Ioannou Phieldou, tou tes Akademias Tupographou,

  5. Stephen, not too far off in time but the wrong publisher and wrong title.

  6. How about Hē Kainē Diathēkē (= Novum Testamentum) Cantabrigiæ: Apud Tho[mas] Buck, 1632?

  7. ?
    Jesu Christi Domini nostri Novum Testamentum, sive, Novum foedus :
    cujus Graeco contextui respondent interpretationes duae /

    Théodore de Bèza; Joachim Camerarius
    Latin Book Book [16], 766, [18, 22], 125, [4] p. ; 34 cm.
    Cantabrigiae : Ex officina Rogeri Danielis,

  8. Stephen is right the second time round. It is Beza's big edition (a fresh type-set from the 1598 edition)with a new version of the Cambridge University Alma Mater block. Not only is the lady slightly larger than the one previously used, also the trees are slightly different etc. Roger Daniels lost the right to be University Printer in 1650.

    According to bishop Marsh this particular edition of Beza's text and notes is the best one. I am actually impressed with the breadth of learning available in this volume.