Monday, May 07, 2012

TPEN Version 2.0

Here is an interesting demo video on how to use TPEN to assist you in transcribing a manuscript. The interface looks very pretty.


  1. I was just looking at the most recent volume from Oxyrhynchus and see that they released an amulet of Mark 1:1-2 that dates to 3rd/4th century (P.Oxy.LXXVI 5073). If I am seeing this right, then this would be the oldest extant witness to the first two verses of Mark's gospel. I do not understand why amulets do not get more interest in NTTC. As I looked at the image of this one, it omits "Son of God" as does 01, and it drops an article in verse 2, in agreement with Codex Bezae. The fragment also used nomina sacra, and otherwise looks like a regular papyrus manuscript--except that it was not a continuous text manuscript of Mark, but just an amulet, so it is ignored. The oldest witness to the first two verses of the gospel--ignored.

  2. Isn't LXXVII the most recent volume from Oxyrhynchus?

  3. I meant the latest published on their website