Wednesday, April 25, 2012

OT PhD in the Netherlands

Students often overlook the possibility of doing their PhD work at European universities with excellent funding opportunities.  Although British universities tend to use their PhD programs as a revenue source (in the case of non-European students, at least), those on the continent essentially pay their students salaries.  As an example, I cite the following opportunity which was recently posted on and will last four years with a stipend of €24,000+/year:

PhD Hebrew Bible, Early Judaism and Dead Sea Scrolls 
University of Groningen - The Qumran Institute
We are looking for enthusiastic candidates with a Master’s degree or equivalent, in a (sub)discipline of religious studies or theology, or not-too-far-advanced PhD candidates. Candidates with a degree in Biblical Studies, early Jewish Studies, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, or Ancient History are encouraged to apply. The degree must have been obtained within a reasonable period of time and with results that justify the expectation that the student will be able to successfully complete the programme within four years. Admission depends also on the quality of your research proposal. An excellent command of spoken and written English is essential.

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  1. How might I go about finding other European institutions that offer similar incentives?