Monday, January 31, 2011

Last call for papers: SBL in London

We will have a magnificent array of papers for our program unit "Working with Biblical Manuscripts," at the SBL International Meeting in London, to be held at King's College in London, 4-8 July 2011.

There will be at least three sessions loaded with papers on textual criticism, and at least one focused on the Hebrew Bible (including versions).

The call for papers closes today, 31 January. So hurry up, make your submission at the SBL-site!

Update: We will have twenty papers divided into four sessions, two on each testament. (Still waiting for Peter's paper though.)


  1. I guess midnight, Atlanta (SBL headquarters).

  2. From the SBL-site:

    "Proposals are due by midnight (12:00 AM) February 1 Eastern Standard Time."

  3. Is it too early to speculate about the potential ramifications the events in Egypt will have on NT Textual Criticism? I think there are about five NT papyri in Cairo, along with a few Majuscules. The looters seem to be intent on finding gold, rather than manuscripts...but I am also concerned about the loss of future discoveries at Oxyrhynchus, and if the most radical Islamic elements take over the country, will they respect the long tradition of leaving St. Catherine's monastery alone?