Thursday, December 09, 2010

New Testament Manuscripts Image Collection

Rick Bennett told me he has blogged the other day about a new Accordance module, "New Testament Manuscripts Image Collection" over at the Accordance Blog:
We used the Scripture ranges provided to us (with some modification), created e-texts for the facsimile introductions, and then interleaved the high-resolution images taken by the CSNTM. The end result is the first of its kind: a fully indexed, locally stored collection of high-resolution images of four facsimiles (including one pseudo-facsimile), and one original manuscript of the Greek New Testament.

The module costs $179.00 and includes images of the following codex facsimiles: Alexandrinus, Sinaiticus, Vaticanus (pseudo-facsimile), Washingtonensis, and the original Codex 2882. These are also freely available at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (CSNTM).

I think it is nice with all sorts of resources in textual criticism, but of course images of the real MSS are preferable to facimiles (e.g., Codex Sinaiticus). Nevertheless, we get here a convenient way of looking instantly at the manuscript evidence in connection with the study of a certain text in the Greek New Testament.

Update: Pete points out in a comment that the module includes links to the online images of Codex Sinaiticus


  1. I had a look at this at SBL (well Rick showed it to me) and it looks pretty cool. It does include links to new images from the Sinaiticus Project web page (as well as in house images from the Lake facsimile).

  2. Note for those who don't use Macs or have $180: for over three years there has been a similar type of module available as a free download for BibleWorks users. Granted they may not match the quality, but you get what you pay for.

    See this page under Textual Criticism: New Testament.
    # The Gospel of Mark in the Washington Codex 52MB! Facsimile of the Washington Manuscript of the Four Gospels in the Freer Collection with an Introduction by Henry A. Sanders. Ann Arbor, Mich.: University of Michigan, 1912. Compiled with permission by Ewan MacLeod from the files at
    # Images of Codex Alexandrinus linked to the New Testament (does not include 1 Clement) 80MB! - Pasquale Amicarelli
    # Images of Tischendorf’s transcription of Codex Vaticanus linked to the Gospels 115MB! Updated 10.13.2006. - Pasquale Amicarelli
    # An introduction to William Norton’s translation of the New Testament Peshitta. 103KB - Ewan MacLeod
    # Codex Sinaiticus - images linked to the New Testament, with links to high resolution photos on the web! 113MB - Pasquale Amicarelli
    # Codex Bezae - images linked to the New Testament, with links to high resolution photos on the web! 85MB! Updated 10.13.2006 - Pasquale Amicarelli
    # 2nd Edition of Coded Bezae - Greek text & Latin text (NOTE: 220MB files EACH!) -Pasquale Amicarelli

  3. I fear I mistyped the link, the URL is:

  4. Thanks Michael for bringing that to our attention - that is great. I noticed that your first comment was stuck in the automatic spam filter (probably because it was so long). I have now published it.

  5. Thanks for the mention Tommy.

    I was unaware of the BW User Modules, and after further research into their contents (via email exchanges with Mike Hanel), I will probably restate the quoted sentence above, e.g. "first of its kind" since it is similar, but with some important differences. Most notable are the high-res images licensed from the CSNTM (including 2882), complete introductions that are searchable, and add'l content such as links to the BL.