Friday, November 12, 2010

Sinaiticus at the SBL

The colour facsimile of Codex Sinaiticus which we announced three months ago, here, seems now to have been released, although Hendricksons' website indicates "Pub Date: February 2011." According to ITSEE news, it will be presented to the Director of the SBL along with David Parker's new book Codex Sinaiticus: The Story of the World's Oldest Bible at the forthcoming SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta. If you are going to the SBL, don't miss the event to take place at the Hendrickson booth in the Exhibit hall at 3PM on Sunday November 21st.

If you are not going to the SBL, you can order David Parker's new book from Eisenbrauns here, or the British Library bookshop.


  1. Philip B. Payne11/17/2010 1:17 am

    The full color Codex Sinaiticus: Facsimile Edition list price is $799. The Amazon price is $599. Hendrickson will sell it at the SBL Annual Meeting for $499. is offering it for $475 charged at the time of the order. Offer expires Dec. 31, 2010. Orders received by Thursday Nov. 18, 2010 will receive FREE SHIPPING within the USA. Thereafter, shipping will be the actual shipping cost + $5 for handling. Linguist's will charge the shipping separately when it is known, probably in January, 2011.

  2. So I know David Parker's book is available already (since I've already read it),

    But, what is the real date for the Codex Sinaiticus? Will hendrickson actually be selling copies at SBL or just taking orders?

    What is the January date the Phil is talking about?

    What is the February date on the web-page?


  3. Bob, the Sinaiticus facsimile is apparently already printed and will be available at the SBL meeting (and apparently already from Phil's company). I think the date on their webpage has not been updated yet, and perhaps they will bring the first copies from the printing to the meeting and so they wait with weborders (yes this sounds a bit weird).

    The January date Philip is talking about in his comment relates only to cost of shipping, which is unknown at this point.

  4. Tommy,

    Who do I need to contact if I will get a copy of the Sinaticus facsimile with the lowest reduced price?

  5. The lowest reduced price for the full color Codex Sinaiticus: Facsimile Edition is $475 from Linguist's Software. This includes free shipping within the USA for orders received at by Dec. 30, 2010. The list price is $799. The Amazon price is $667.19.

    Hendrickson does not yet know the weight of this volume but guesses about 25 pounds. Consequently, we cannot give shipping cost for orders shipped outside the USA, but the shipping we charge will be our actual shipping costs plus $5 for handling. At the current postal rates, a 30 pound Priority Air Mail package to the United Kingdom insured for $475 is $123.85, so we anticipate the shipping cost will be less than this for most purchasers requesting shipment outside the USA, and free to a USA address.

    Hendrickson projects shipping in January, 2011.

  6. I would advise buyers outside the US to first contact Alban books who represents Hendricksons on the European market. They will actually ship the book from the UK! (to me, for example). I purchased it at the SBL for $499 but then I also got David Parker's book and a fine print of one of the folios. And they arranged the facs. to be shipped from within Europe. It can be a very bad idea to ship such a monster from the US to Europe, at least to Sweden, since there may also be customs, and that can be a very expensive experience.