Monday, September 27, 2010

British Library Digitised Manuscript Website pt 4

British Library Digitised Manuscript Website pt 4
GA L191

GA L192

GA L193

GA L318

GA L319

GA L321

GA L322

GA L323

GA L324

GA L930

GA L1053

GA L2306 (this refers to ff.113-120 which has been inserted into Harley MS 5650 – the same codex as L25; the GA number is missing from the description)


  1. Martin Fassnacht9/28/2010 3:55 pm

    Dear Tommy,

    the link of GA L1053 is broken. The right address is:

    I think you have overlooked L2306:

  2. Martin, this is strange, the link to L1053 works in my webbrowser (Firefox), and so did actually the other you reported on previously, although mine was different

    (I have added that "index"-ending to all links).

  3. Yes, I overlooked L2306. I was apparently too fast, which is curious since I did look up L25a in the Liste and which is now registered as L25 (L2306 formerly being L25b).

    Thanks for spotting that!