Friday, June 11, 2010

Ten New Manuscripts – One Seventh-Century-Majuscule

As we have reported previously, a team from CSNTM led by Dan Wallace has recently come home from an expedition to Greece and Romania. In a special newsletter they report that at least ten new MSS have been discovered ("new" in the sense of not being registered in the official registry of Greek New Testament MSS, the Kurzgefasste Liste).

One of these MSS is a seventh-century majuscule, which is something quite rare!

Do not miss Dan Wallace's story, The Road Less Traveled - for a Good Reason! – about the team's adventures on a "road" in Romania, where there were more animals than vehicles filling the lanes, and with potholes as deep as six to eight inches and as wide as four or five feet. Apparently, the bumper on their rental SUV fell off at some point.

Now, the CSNTM does have a good reason for making such hard efforts on their travels in order to find and photograph both known and unknown manuscripts. To continue with this endeavour they will need our support – one way is to join the "Circle of friends."


  1. "a seventh-century majuscule codex" - pretty surprising that a whole codex would have escaped notice until now. No details at all in the newsletter.

  2. Hmm; what to do; what to do? My $20 could help discover a lectionary. Or maybe another Codex That Still Isn't Online In Either Pictures Or Transcription. Or the folks at Living Water International at
    could use it to help drill a well so people can have clean drinking water. I just dunno. I think there's an agraphon about this sort of situation.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

  3. Any relevant info available for this new majuscule? Variants, anyone?-)

  4. @James Snapp Jr.

    One might just as easily surmise that if your intent was anything more than post a cheap shot that you would not be wasting time posting but perhaps volunteering at a homeless shelter.

    Yours in Christ,

    Bill Brown