Thursday, October 08, 2009

Aland's Kurzgefasste Liste 1.0 on-line!

Hooray! It is here!

The digital Kurzgefasste Liste is on-line here in the Virtual Manuscript Room of Münster. The VMR has been up for a while, but mainly for testpurposes. Today the "Handschriftenliste 1.0" was released:
Handschriftenliste 1.0
Die Darbietung der Handschriftenliste wurde neu strukturiert. Man kann die Handschriftenliste nach Objekt-ID, nach aktuellen Gregory-Aland-Nummern und nach ehemaligen GA-Nummern selektieren. Wenn eine Handschrift im NT.VMR vorhanden ist, können die Bilder direkt aus der Liste heraus im Viewer angezeigt werden.

Ulrich Schmid, currently in charge of the Liste says that the presentation will be constantly augmented, both in terms of content and functionality. The design and usability of the interface will improve over time, but as it stands in can now be used and tested by the public.

In the Virtual Manuscript Room a number of MSS can be viewed, at this point mainly papyrus witnesses. There is a tool for manuscript indexing (read more here and especially here).

If you want to contact the website authors, Martin Faßnacht or Ulrich Schmid, you can click on the logotype of the INTF (Universität Münster Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung) and you will be able to e-mail in your suggestions of improvements, reports of errors, etc. Such feedback is very welcome

In the sidebar on this blog you can reach the VMR in Münster and in Birmingham. I hope links will be added also in the respective VMR:s.


  1. Great example of developing a good idea in the right way. No one will accuse the site of 'being flashy', but this project has the potential of having a long shelf life and keeping its worth for a considerable time.
    Thanks Ulrich and Martin!

  2. Great!

    Would it not be nice to combine that list with Elliott's bibliography?
    Are there contacts?

  3. Roger, while you wait for support for IE you can always download Firefox for free.