Sunday, August 03, 2008

From SNTS to Kolloquium in Münster

I have just arrived in Münster after a long day of travelling from the SNTS in Lund with train together with Michael Holmes. The SNTS turned out to be one of the most well-organized SNTS meetings ever - someone else told me this, I am biassed since I worked in the conference organization. Everything was in reach. The dinners were some of the best I have ever had. The papers were good, etc.

My own paper on the GNT MSS in Sweden with special reference to Greg.-Aland 1049 which I rediscovered in Stockholm went well. I got 90 minutes on the last day of the textcritical seminar. I spent 30 minutes on some of the GNT MSS describing mainly Greg.-Aland 441, 442, 1049, 899 and 1852. MSS 441, 442, 1852 are very important for their texts (excellent texts); MS 1049 is the one I rediscovered and it has a significant text in the PA; MS 899 has some fine illuminations, the Jerusalem colophon and some other features.

The second 30 minutes I presented the Swedish traveller and adventurer Jacob Jonas Björnståhl, whom I have mentioned earlier, focusing on his Thessalian trip that included visits to the Meteora monasteries. Three of the GNT MSS in Uppsala were donated by Björnståhl, including 1852.

The last 30 minutes I went with the group of 10 persons up to Lund University Library (200 meters from the theological faculty where we had our session). I had brought out two Greek MSS from the collection (not GNT MSS), one of which was donated by Adolf Deissmann out of gratitude to his friends in Scandinavia. But the main display was some of the papers of Björnståhl's archive deposited in Lund. These items and the story they told about Björståhl caught the attention of the group, especially a map of parts of Europe including today's Greece and Turkey drawn for Björnståhl by a Greek monk.

The text-critical seminar now ended. Seminars are supposed to last for five years if I remember rightly, but the text-critical has been lasting for 17 years in a row, so it has to rest two or three years now.

It is now one hour before the Kolloquium, "Textual History of the Greek New Testament" begins with a reception at the Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung in Münster. My hotelroom has a wireless connection so more reports may come.


  1. Tommy, you may have had the advantage of helping organize an SNTS conference after the one held in Romania. :) As a Romanian involved directly in the organization of the event in Sibiu, I can testify (by faith) that the one in Lund must have been "beyond expectations, beyond hopes." Congratulations!

  2. Well done Tommy,

    Dirk and I have also arrived now. See you at breakfast.

  3. Please press Mink on the circularity problem mentioned earlier by Tommy Wasserman.
    I, too, think this is a problem.
    All your prejudices go into the initial evaluation.

    Also, I think coherence is not everything.
    Imagine e.g. a case where 01 and B have the original reading (as in the case mentioned by Wasserman Mt 13:35 KOSMOU, just as an example) and some Byz minuscules omit the word due to carelessness? This happens. But it's incoherent. How to handle this?

    I am really sorry that I cannot attend, but I have holiday commitments. :-)