Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Wild Card Head" - Britain's New Olympic Hope in Racewalking

With only 71 days left to the Olympic Games in Beijing, this happy man, university lecturer Peter M. Head from Cambridge, has accepted the challenge of his life and is now training for the 50 Kilometer Men's Walk.

Yesterday, on May 27, the International Olympic Committee unexpectedly granted Head a wild card for the Racewalking. This was to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a special rule put in place by the Committee on May 27 2003. The rule prevents "wild card" athletes from competing in a particular sport unless they meet a minimum standard (read more here), so now it is up to Head to prove himself worthy. His surprised colleagues can now see the senior lecturer pacing around the university area in Cambridge.

Great Britain has not had a "wild card" athlete since the days of Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, the first and only British Olympic ski jumper, who was a "wild card" athlete.

We wish him good luck. GO AHEAD HEAD!


  1. I have developed a new 'hands-in-pockets' approach to the 50km walk. It conserves more energy for the later stages of the race.

  2. There is still an issue of nationality which has not yet been resolved.

  3. Peter,
    With legs like that you should be on the catwalk promoting hotpants for men or else be the "before" shot for an advert on tanning lotion!