Saturday, March 08, 2008

"Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts Working to Preserve Ancient Pieces"

So it has appeared in the Dallas Morning News on Saturday, March 8 - the result of the press release from Dan Wallace, director of the CSNTM that we mentioned here.

Here is an abstract of the most interesting bits:

"In May, he'll start a sabbatical to embark on his most ambitious expedition yet.

He and a team of assistants are planning a 15-month trip to Albania, the island of Patmos, Turkey, several European and Russian cities, Mount Sinai in Egypt and several cities in the United States.
In expedition to Albania last summer yielded new excitement: His team found a treasure trove of manuscripts. The group had expected to work with 13 known manuscripts – but instead found that the National Archive in Tirana listed 47 New Testament manuscripts. At least 17 were unknown to Western scholars."

I sure which I could take 15 months off and go with them ...


  1. I was excited to finally come across a full article related to Dan Wallace's mini press release from awhile back. Dan Wallace made mention of the Dallas News article on the Primetime Jesus blog last Sunday. You can read it here.

  2. This is certainly very exciting. I wish (but I can't) go with him to Russia. Just as well. она же руминка.