Saturday, January 05, 2008

David Malick on Women in Codex Bezae

The latest issue of Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism vol 4 (2007) is now out.

It contains article by David E. Malick, "The Contribution of Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis to an Understanding of Women in the Book of Acts."

Malick concludes: "So it is that this paper has sought to highlight some of Lukas’s portrayals of women in Acts against alterations made in Codex D. Not every textual variant clearly demonstrates a theological perspective. The intent of some changes is not always evident, due to problems with the transmission of the text, or ambivalent readings in Codex D. But where intent is clear, so is a predisposition against women. Thus Codex D provides a window into theological thought about women in the early Church. An additional benefit of this study is that it highlights."


  1. Perhaps something is missing from the last sentence.

  2. Also, any opinion on the quality of the argument?