Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Selected Articles and Reviews in Novum Testamentum 50/1

Articles of special interest in the latest Novum Testamentum 50/1 (2008):

Sinai Ar. N.F. Parchment 8 and 28: Its Contribution to Textual Criticism of the Gospel of Luke
pp. 28-57
Author: Kachouh, Hikmat

P. Bodmer II (P66): Three Fragments Identified. A Correction
pp. 78-80
Authors: Head, Peter M.; Wheeler, Dale M.; Willker, Wieland

Book reviews:
In the Beginning: Bibles before the Year 1000: The Freer Biblical Manuscripts: Fresh Studies on an American Treasure Trove: In a Monastery Library: Preserving Codex Sinaiticus and the Greek Written Heritage
pp. 92-96
Author: Elliott, J.K.


  1. Speaking of the importance of mailing lists, that Head et al. article is an excellent example of what could happen.

  2. Quite right Stephen.
    Shall I tell the story?