Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Manuscripts at the CSNTM

Over at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscript, images of 12 manuscripts have been added, one of which is an unregistered manuscript in Yale. Read more at the manuscript section at CSNTM here.

In San Diego I met director of the CSNTM, Dan Wallace and a lot of other friends. Below is a picture of us having coffee in the exhibition hall. From the left Rick Bennett (from Accordance), Peter Head, Jan Krans, Tommy Wasserman, Dan Wallace and Bruce Prior.


  1. Tommy, I edited this slightly to add a name.

  2. That was most kind of you Peter! Rick is apparently a regular reader of the blog, so he actually dropped me a note about it, but I did not read that e-mail before you did the editing.

    I visited the Accordance booth and Rick was most kind to me, and prepared to have a look at my computer to see which version I had of Accordance, and what it would take to install Metzger's Textual Commentary. It turned out that I need to upgrade Accordance to a more recent version in order to run Metzger's commentary (i.e. more dollars...). I have been thiking of asking them for that module to review (mainly to show examples of how to use the digital commentary, in ways not possible with the printed version).

  3. This is a great shot guys! Sorry but I couldn't help but think of the term "greek geeks"! Looks like a bunch a nerds at a computer convention or something... I mean no harm, it is just a great shot.


  4. Hi,

    actually you are right, this is a bunch of nerds, Greek manuscript nerds to be more specific.