Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Mail: The Greek New Testament with Dictionary (WH); "Leather Bound"?

Today I finally received my long-awaited copy of Westcott and Hort The Greek New Testament with Dictionary in the new Hendrickson edition. However, I was a bit surprised and disappointed to find that the book was in ordinary hardcover, I had expected smooth leather. When I placed my order the book was said to be "Leather bound" (at Amazon). Now I see that several resellers indicate "imitiation leather" or just "hardcover". Read more about the publication at Hendrickson's website here.


  1. Tommy,

    It was originally advertised as imitation leather when it was announced. It wasn't until it arrived here at Eisenbrauns and I checked on Hendrickson's website that I realized they had changed it.


  2. James: ". . .that I realized they had changed it."

    Thanks James. I thought for a moment that I had misunderstood the English booksellerdefinition of "leather bound"/"imitation leather" in relation to "hardcover". The book is still advertised at many booksellers as imitation leather. This is misleading.

    I actually bought my book in 2006 from Amazon, and it eventually came in the mail after a year, but there is no leather, and no good imitation of leather either... I would not have bought this copy since I have three old copies of WH in hardback.

  3. Hendrickson Publishers is not known for producing particularly durable books. My 1-volume Interlinear Bible started to fall apart before I'd even read through it.

    I understand the 4-volume set is much better made.