Friday, August 24, 2007

SBL Annual Meeting 2007 Program Book Online

The SBL Annual Meeting 2007 Program Book is now online here (press "submit" to see the whole program).

From the perspective of Textual Criticism, the following sections will be of special interest:

International Greek New Testament Project
9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Atlanta - MM

David Parker, University of Birmingham, Presiding (15 min)
Bruce Morrill, University of Birmingham
The Profiling and Grouping of Greek Manuscripts: Test Passages from John 1-10 and 18 (15 min)
P.J. Williams, University of Aberdeen - Scotland
Editing the Syriac Versions: Problems and Programme (15 min)
Philip Burton, University of Birmingham
Constructing a Critical Apparatus of the Latin Manuscripts and Versions (15 min)
Ulrich B. Schmid, Free University
The Edition of the Majuscule Manuscripts" (15 min)
Roderic L. Mullen, University of Birmingham
The Database of Greek Patristic Citations(15 min)
Bruce Morrill, University of Birmingham
Transcribing the Greek Minuscule Manuscripts (15 min)
Discussion (45 min)

Scripture as Artifact
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Room: Carlsbad - MM

Theme: The Ancient and Early Medieval World

Brian Malley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Text, Artifact, and Meanings (25 min)
Larry W. Hurtado, University of Edinburgh
Early Christian Manuscripts of Biblical Texts as Artifacts (30 min)
Stephen Reed, Jamestown College
Physical and Visual Features of Dead Sea Scroll Scriptural Texts (25 min)
Break (10 min)
Eduard Iricinschi, Princeton University
A Thousand Books Will Be Saved”: Manichean Manuscripts and Religious Propaganda in the Roman Empire (25 min)
Thomas J. Kraus, Willibald Gluck Gymnasium
"He that Dwelleth in the Help of the Highest": Septuagint Psalm 90 and the Iconographic Program on Byzantine Armbands (25 min)
Dorina Miller Parmenter, Syracuse University
The Bible as Icon: Myths of the Divine Origins of Scripture (25 min)
Discussion (15 min)

Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: Maggie - GH

David Martinez, University of Chicago, Presiding
Don Barker, Macquarie University-Sydney
How Big and How Old is Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1353? (30 min)
Peter Arzt-Grabner, Universitaet Salzburg
“I Was Intending to Visit You, but …:” Clauses Explaining Delayed Visits and Their Importance in Papyrus Letters and in Paul (30 min)
Annette Bourland Huizenga, University of Chicago
Advice to the Bride: Moral Exhortation for Young Wives in Two Ancient Letters (30 min)
Christina M. Kreinecker, Universitaet Salzburg
Papyrological Commentary on 2 Thessalonians: Outline and First Results (30 min)

New Testament Textual Criticism
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room: 25 A - CC

Wayne Kannaday, Newberry College, Presiding
Tommy Wasserman, Örebro Theological Seminary
Two Verses Plucked From the Fire: Jude 22-23 (30 min)
Matti Myllykoski, University of Helsinki
POxy 4009: Case Closed (30 min)
Gerald Donker, Macquarie University-Sydney, Australia
The Pauline Epistles in Athanasius: A Contribution to the Alexandrian Text Type (30 min)
Peter M. Head, University of Cambridge
Notes on P. Oxy 4497 (P113): The Smallest Portion of the New Testament Ever Identified (30 min)
Geert van Oyen, University of Utrecht and Jan Kraus, Vrije Universiteit-Amsterdam
Codex Boreelianus Revisited: A Fresh Look at Codex F (09) after 160 years (30 min)


9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Salon 3 - MM
Theme: Individual Variants and the Broad Picture in Mark
James Voelz, Concordia Seminary - Clayton, Presiding
Peter M. Head, University of Cambridge, The Gospel of Mark in Codex Sinaiticus (20 min)Discussion (15 min)
Nicholas Perrin, Wheaton College, “Angered” or “Moved”? Mark 1:41 in Light of Mark’s Exodus Motif (15 min)
Vicki Cass Phillips, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Jesus, Anger, and Impurity: Investigating Mark 1:40-45 (15 min)
Discussion (45 min)
Leroy Andrew Huizenga, Wheaton College, Mark 14:62 in Light of Markan Narrative Dynamics (15 min)
Discussion (25 min)

9:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Room: Manchester A - GH
Theme: Textual Beginnings and Endings in Mark
Tom Shepherd, Union College, Presiding
Dean B. Deppe, Calvin Theological Seminary, Markan Christology and the Omission of yiou theou in Mark 1:1 (15 min)
Discussion (30 min)
Clinton Wahlen, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, The Freer Logion and Early Eschatological Reflection (15 min)
Discussion (30 min)
Marie Noonan Sabin, Bristol, ME, A New Ending for Mark? (15 min)
Discussion (30 min)
Business Meeting (15 min)

The papers will be summarized, not read. Papers may be obtained for reading in advance by e-mail request to the chair, Tom Shepherd, at

Some abstracts are available on the SBL site; my own abstract:

Two Verses Plucked From the Fire: Jude 22-23
This paper discusses one of the textually most corrupt passages in the New Testament, Jude 22-23, in view of external and internal evidence. Specifically, the intrinsic evidence is examined. The immediate context and the intertextual connection to Zech 2:13-3:10 suggests an anticipatory eschatological setting before the throne of God. This interpretation will help us choose among the plethora of variant readings - the two verses are "plucked from the fire."

Update: Bill Warren points out in the comments that special memorial sessions will be held on Sunday 18/11 in honor of William L. Petersen and Bruce M. Metzger:

S18-73 New Testament Textual Criticism
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Room: 23 C - CC

Theme: Honoring the Work of William L. Petersen

AnneMarie Luijendijk, Princeton University, Presiding
Peter Williams, University of Aberdeen - Scotland, Panelist (30 min)
Ulrich Schmid, Free University, Amsterdam, Panelist (30 min)
Lucas Van Rompay, Duke University, Panelist (30 min)
Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Panelist (30 min)
Discussion (30 min)

S18-125 New Testament Textual Criticism
4:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Room: Salon 3 - MM

Theme: Memorial Session in Honor of Bruce Metzger

Beverly Roberts Gaventa, Princeton Theological Seminary, Presiding
Bart Ehrman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Panelist (25 min)
Gordon Fee, Regent College, Panelist (25 min)
Michael Holmes, Bethel University, Panelist (25 min)
J. Roberts, Princeton Theological Seminary, Panelist (25 min)
Harold Scanlin, United Bible Societies, Panelist (25 min)
Discussion (25 min)


  1. The Mark Group is also focussing on the textual criticism of Mark, or at least the relevance of textual variation for the interpretation and reception of Mark. So I have added the papers to the main entry.

  2. There are also special sessions on Sunday related to textual criticism: one in memory of Bruce Metzger and one in memory of William (Bill) Peterson.

    Bill Warren