Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Available for review: The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Tranmission

My monograph, The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission, is available for review from Revue Canadienne here. When it was published I sent it out to about 40 journals worldwide. It will be interesting to see how many reviews are eventually published.


  1. Hello Tommy,
    I was invited today to write a review for Nederlands Theologisch Tijdschrift.
    It will be my privilege to dig through your work.
    Did you see other reviews yet?

  2. Gie,

    I know that several are underway, but no one has been published yet. I am a bit worried that the publisher is closing down, and what will happen to the series. Negotiations with an American publisher is taking place, but nothing is settled, and the problem for me will be how to transport copies to the US to this publisher's supplies.