Thursday, May 03, 2007

Vatican Library Closed for Three Years

According to several reports the Vatican Library is to close from this summer (from 14 July 2007) for three years worth of rebuilding works (reopening in September 2010). There will be no access to books or manuscripts during this period. See the BBC report.

According to the BBC photographic images can be requested during this period. The necessary forms for photographic requests can be found here.


  1. Tyndale House, Cambridge, will be very happy to house all Vatican mss in the abundant space in that facility for the duration of the building works at the Vatican (except when our building works are on).

  2. That is 75,000 manuscripts and over 1.1 million printed books! And it has taken all day today to do the stocktake of the current holdings.
    Perhaps we could offer to hold the Biblical Manuscripts only.

  3. PJW: "... except when our building works are on."

    I saw a nice little miniature model of the new library building of Tyndale House when Peter Head guided me through the facilities two weeks ago. When I got home, another Swede who had been there for 10 years ago also noticed that same model. We are all grateful that Tyndale House has not closed the library during this building project :-)

  4. Peter, I'm sure TH would find a way. The staff are very resourceful.

    Tommy, I sincerely hope that support for the very necessary extension at Tyndale can be raised soon. But that will depend on the generosity of a lot of people. Will the library need to be closed during building? All other options will be considered first.

  5. Three whole years seems a very long time to close.