Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cambridge Day Conference: Sat 3rd March


Some readers may be interested in the following day conference. Although the papers will cover a wide range of areas there will be at least one paper which deals with some textual criticism.


Professor Hengel is respected internationally as a leading Biblical scholar. For many decades he has maintained a close link with our University and Faculty, and with many of our Biblical scholars.

Saturday 3 March 10.15 to 4.30

Venue ­ Runcie Room, Faculty of Divinity.

At the one day conference in the Runcie Room a set of short papers will interact with some of the many strands in Professor Hengel’s scholarly work.

Speakers will include:
Andrew Chester
Peter Head
William Horbury
Larry Hurtado (Edinburgh)
Justin Meggitt
Graham Stanton
Roland Deines (Tübingen & Nottingham)

Professor Hengel will contribute to the discussions, as will one of his most distinguished former pupils, Professor Jörg Frey (Munich).

Coffee from 10 a.m.
Buffet lunch (Selwyn College)

No charges!
All Welcome

Parking spaces available close to the Faculty building, off West Road.

If you plan to attend, please inform Stephen Witmer in person in Cambridge, or by e-mail:

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  1. My paper is entitled: 'Codices, Cupboards and the Four Gospel Canon'.