Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Warden of Tyndale House Announced: ETC Blogmeister Appointed!

Congratulations to Pete Williams on his new appointment.

Here is the text of an announcement distributed yesterday:
  • I am delighted to announce that the Trust Board of the UCCF has formally approved the Tyndale House Council's nomination that Dr Peter Williams be appointed as the new Warden of Tyndale House and Director of Research, UCCF, in succession to Bruce Winter. Peter is known to many as a former Research Fellow at Tyndale House. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen, and will be taking up his post during June 2007. Peter has published research on both Old and New Testaments, and has a particular interest in the Syriac translations of Hebrew and Greek biblical texts.
  • Dr Andrew Clarke, Chairman of the Tyndale House Council


  1. Is Tyndale House officially a recognised part of the university of Cambridge?

    I have always been somewhat confused about this.

  2. Tyndale is independent. However, the University has very fuzzy edges and there are numerous institutions which are affiliated to the University in various ways. After all Cambridge is a great attraction to 'brain industry' ventures. When the head of the University (the Vice-Chancellor) came to Tyndale he was under the impression before his arrival that he was actually visiting part of the University. Tyndale, however, has formal agreements or affiliations with St Edmund's College, the University Library, the Faculty of Divinity, and there are other ties too. Peter Head and Dirk Jongkind are therefore fellows of St Edmund's College, but also employed at Tyndale and Peter Head has a joint appointment between Tyndale and the Faculty of Divinity. Tyndale will always remain an independent trust, but will develop close ties with the University in areas of mutual benefit.

  3. Peter,

    Congrats. I look forward to hearing how your work develops at TH--I'm sure it will develop you as well. Lately Aberdeen has been on a hot streak--looks like this is one (rare) setback!

    FYI, I just read your TC article in Dict OT: Pent (IVP) last night, a volume I had misplaced in my library for months. Great article, one I'm sure I'll rec not just for Pent but for OT, LXX, etc. as there aren't many good short intros to TC.

  4. Warmest congratulations, Peter, and best wishes.

    Justin Taylor (Ecole Biblique, Jerusalem).

  5. Thanks for these expressions of support.

    Justin, may I congratulate you on your Cambridge D.D. I hope to see you in Tyndale some time soon, just as I hope one day to see you in the Ecole Biblique!

  6. Congrats PJ!
    Will a new warden have an impact on the kinds of projects Tyndale House does? It seems like a lot of TH contributions to the guild of evangelical scholarship in recent years had Dr. Winter's fingerprints all over them in terms of bridging biblical (particularly NT) studies with clasical studies and Greco-Roman archeology--the summer school and the book series on Acts in the first century setting are 2 things that come to mind. Now it looks like the Tyndale House is getting stacked with fellows who specialize in TC, 3 of whom are part of this blog, and one of whom is replacing Winter. Will this bring a change in emphasis at TH or does the warden not really have that kind of impact on what they do there?

  7. Eric,
    It's very important that TH covers all aspects of biblical studies. It should not therefore be a place just known for one particular area. Obviously there is and will be a particular strength in NT TC, but it will be a priority to establish strengths in other areas and to recruit the best people for those areas.

    One of the tasks that I will undertake when in post (and about which I'm already making enquiries) is to evaluate, after wide consultation, what are the most strategic projects that can be undertaken. Any suggestions are welcome.

    All this needs prayer. It is also obvious, however, that it requires funding in order to support posts and a sufficient pool of talent to occupy those posts. Funding is important, and if anyone knows anyone who might help in this regard please let me know. However, an even higher priority for me in the long term will be to bring together the right people and, where there are areas without the right people, to mentor and disciple so that there are! There is ample room for research in both Testaments.

  8. A hearty congratulations on your appointment. I am chagrined to be leaving mere months before you take up the post. I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall on whatever TC conversations will surely abound at tea time.

  9. Thanks to both Michaels. I hope to see you both at TH some time.