Monday, April 24, 2006

Hodayot as witnesses to Psalter variants

The thirteenth joint meeting of the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap and the Society for Old Testament Study is being held in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, 21-24 August 2006. In the programme I note that, on 23 August, John Elwolde (UBS, Valladolid, Spain) is giving a paper entitled 'Evidence for Textual Variation in the Hodayot's Use of the Psalter'. [For any readers not familiar with the term, the hodayot(h) are 'praises' or hymns found amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls.] I rather doubt whether there is any method that could establish the existence of new Psalter variants merely on the basis of hodayoth, but that is probably not what the paper is trying to achieve.

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