Saturday, April 29, 2006

Edinburgh Textual Criticism Conference

The textual criticism conference held by the Center for the Study of Christian Origins at New College Edinburgh on 27 April was a resounding success. Full credit to Paul Foster as organizer/co-ordinator of the event. The three papers from Klaus Wachtel and Holger Strutwolf of the Institute fur neutestamentliche Textforschung were informative and covered the methodology behind the Editio Critica Maior, the forthcoming NA28, and a criticism of the standard formulation of text-types.

A summary of the papers is being posted by Michael Leary at his blog Ekthesis. Who evidently took better notes that I did and his summary and assessment are worth reading.

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  1. Phew! The CBGM people seem to have a perverse love of jargon.

    The conclusion on the blog is slightly more helpful: 'the CBGM ... is a system of checks and balances between Internal Criteria (explantions for given variants) and External Criteria (pre-concieved text critical ideologies and pre-genealogical coherence). Both Internal and External Criteria establish local stemmata, then genealogical coherence within these stemmata, and then revise our preconcieved notions regarding any particular reading which leads to clarified relationships between manuscript variants'.

    Is this just Aland's Local-Genealogical method gussied up with a computer program which tests which mss cohere the best to the 'the resultant text', which information is then run through the computer again to help improve the determination of the 'resultant text'?